First suspended monorail launches in Wuhan

【Tech-Infra】Time:2023-10-05      Source:China Daily      Views:204

Things from sci-fi movies might not be so surreal with the first suspended monorail line in China going into operation in Wuhan, Hubei province on Tuesday.

The first phase of the line spans 10.5 kilometers with six stations in the Optical Valley of Wuhan, a key center and science and technology innovation in the country.

The two-carriage car runs at 60 km per hour and can hold maximally 220 people. The car can add more carriages depending on the passenger flow. It runs from 8am to 8pm, in 10 minute intervals.

The car uses autonomous driving and drivers only intervene in case of emergency.

There is a transparent glass floor on the car, so that passengers can see the city under their feet.

Passengers can pay 120 yuan ($16) for a monthly ticket, with no limit to the times it can be taken each month. A one-time ticket and one day ticket both cost 30 yuan each until the end of the National Day holiday on Oct 6. It is unclear how much they will cost after the holiday.