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  • Calligraphy & Painting

    Zhang works on his Stage No 5: Kale at his studio in Beijing.[Photo provided to China Daily]One of the prominent Chinese artists of the contemporary scene, Zhang Xiaogang is presenting his first solo ···

  • Other Genres

    Jointly compiled by Beijing History, Geography and Folklore Society and Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute, the book is a collection of northern China's folk customs.[Photo pr···

  • Architecture & Garden

    Why do ancient buildings have so many kinds of roofs? What's the difference between them? What temperaments do they imply?

  • 24 Solar Terms

    The Spring Equinox arrives between March 20 and 21. By that time spring is half over. On this day, because the sun shines directly on the equator, it has equal daytime and nighttime hours. It's af···

  • Myths & Legends

    Can you imagine a butterfly with a human face? Or a Chinese dragon with a fish tail?Such creative combinations occur in Miao embroidery.The Miao are one of China's ethnic groups, famous for their ···

  • Confucianism

    You know what's scarier than a man-eating tiger?Once when Confucius was passing Mount Tai, he encountered a woman crying bitterly in front of a tomb. Confucius sent one of his disciples to inquire···

  • Opera & Drama

    Actors of the National Ballet of China perform during the Ballet "A Dream of Red Mansions" at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 10, 2023. This play was adapted ···



  • A glimpse of Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Computing Center

    This photo taken on March 20, 2023 shows the servers at Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Computing Center in north China's Tianjin.The Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Computing Center was inaugurated in Tianjin recently. The first batch of 100 petaflops of computing power has been fully loaded an...

  • Digital, platform sectors boost GDP

    A staff member looks at a robot at the venue of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. [Photo/Agencies]China's emphasis on facilitating the development of the digital economy and platform companies and accelerating digitalization of industries will help promote the in-depth in...

  • Innovation Spearheads China's Modernization

    "Innovation-driven development" is now a key concept in China. In addition to mastering certain strategically important technologies, it refers also to basing China's overall social and economic development on continuous innovation and sustained technological progress. The strategy was...


  • Pop Music

    Opened by an epic "Symphonic Overture No.1" and surprising the audience with a "Spring Festival Overture" encore, the Chinese New Year Concert held here on Saturday presented a two-hour musical conversation between Chinese, Australian and European symphony pieces, bridging togeth

  • Film & TV

    Human resource specialist Jenny Huang loves animated movies. Until recently though, it was mostly cartoon blockbusters from Hollywood that captivated her attention.Like many other viewers in the world's second-largest film market, Huang saw fresh potential in China's animation scene last sum

  • ACG

    Director Makoto Shinkai holds a wooden chair that bears a resemblance to the character in the movie who is cursed to transform into a chair during the Peking University premiere.[Photo provided to China Daily]Japanese director Makoto Shinkai's latest outingSuzumepremiered in Be

  • Exhibition

    On 28thOctober, the first Beijing Art & Technology Biennale (abbr. BATA) kicked off at 798 CUBE. Taking “Synthetic Ecology” as the title, the Biennale features three exhibition chapters “Radical Nature”, “Entangled Life” and “Interwoven Evolution”, presenting the tension between na

  • Music & Dance

    Shanghai-based Cuban violinist Ivet Curbelo has been living and working in China since 2001, performing across numerous cities and venues (COURTESY PHOTO)An extensive musical journey has taken Ivet Curbelo onto multiple stages and into many genres, offering Chinese audiences nationwide a chance to e

  • Architecture & Garden

    Why do ancient buildings have so many kinds of roofs? What's the difference between them? What temperaments do they imply?

  • Poetry

    In this episode we learn the classic Chinese Tang Dynasty poem "Thinking on a Quiet Night." The poem was written by Li Bai, one of China's most prolific poets.




  • Super Foodie | How to measure the oil temperature

    Do you think it's complicated to cook with oil at different temperatures? Not at all! Pick up a chopstick and try it together. You too can become a master of Chinese food!...


  • A Learning Journey: Episode 6 Yummy Turkish in China

    As a Turkish saying goes, “The most important thing in life is food. (can boğazdan gelir).” For Dr. Neville, CEO of MADO China, each bread, ice cream and appetizer has a life and a story. 15 years ago, he quit an academic job and joined his family business in Guangzhou. He rethinks branding strat...


  • Super Foodie | How to cook red-braised pork belly

    No water for pork stew? Red-braised pork belly, a classic Chinese dish, is salty and sweet, and the pork is fat but not greasy. Want to know how it's cooked? Try this recipe!...


  • Young female entrepreneur brings new life to traditional food of E China's Shandong

    Zang Chaiyuan, a young female entrepreneur, has brought a new lease of life to Huabobo, a type of traditional steamed bun in east China's Shandong Province.Photo shows Zang Chaiyuan and a rabbit-shaped Huabobo she made. "Huabobo is very common in the region. Almost all households prepare th...


  • COOL guys! Let’s get some COOL delicacies!

    It’s summer now! Suffer from the scorching heatwave temperature? How about “cooling” ourselves by cooling our taste buds?All the delicacies we share today, are the most common and popular cold dishes in China, especially in Sichuan!LiangpiLiangpi, also called Cold Skin Noodles, is usually made fr...


  • Super Foodie | How to cook red-braised pork belly

    No water for pork stew? Red-braised pork belly, a classic Chinese dish, is salty and sweet, and the pork is fat but not greasy. Want to know how it's cooked? Try this recipe!...


  • Water-boiled Beef Tickling Your Taste Buds

    China is the place for food, and Sichuan is the place for flavor. From Sichuanese point of view, the greatest thing of Sichuanese cuisine is the mastery of mixing all the flavors.The delicacy we recommend today is Water-boiled Beef. The joke is that it sounds very mild and innocuous, but it is quite...


  • Sichuan Assorted Pickles

    Pickle is a perfect treat for the munchy, hot months of summer.German sauerkraut, French cornichon and Korean kimchi, various pickles enjoy a great popularity all over the world. Almost every household in China has a pickle crock, and Sichuan pickles are the best-known and can be called the originat...


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