Hey the World: Go All Out Without Asking about the Destination

【Hey The World】Time:2022-11-24      Source:本站      Views:194

Ma Long, a name known to the world for his remarkable achievements in ping pong. Fans were so impressed by his strength that they even called him “The Hexagon Warrior” to show that he had no faults on the ping pong table. But even such a talented athlete is not immune to career lows. When the storm clouds of injury covered him, Ma Long’s biggest wish is no longer to win a gold medal, but to stand in front of the ping pong table again. Life is full of contradictions and choices, and we may often regret not taking another path, but there is no optimal solution in our life. Let’s listen to Ma Long’s story about how once he makes up his mind, he will never waver or flinch.

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