• Views on Civilization: Exquisite Brushwork,Vibrant Hues

    In this era of globalization, art is often a powerful medium of cultural exchange. Countless works of art have served as bridges between cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation around the world, and this captivating interaction has always been fascinating. Follow our friend, Chinese artis...


  • Views on Civilization: Twirling Breeze, Swirling Snowflakes

    What will happen when the passionate and exuberant Salsa meets the subtle and restrained Chinese classical dance? If you love dancing, maybe you'll agree with our friend Victoria: dance is the best medium for civilizations to communicate and learn from each other because it is intuitive, passion...


  • Views on Civilization: Season 2 Episode 7

    As East encounters West, civilizations engage in mutual learning, and our music shall be composed in unison. Within this diverse world, every civilization represents a distinct note, contributing to a symphony of captivating melodies in its own unique manner. The epitome of true wisdom lies in respe...


  • Views on Civilization: Season 2 Episode 6

    The diversity of the world's civilizations is a fundamental feature of the world, and the spirit of harmony is needed for different civilizations to get along. "Delicious soup is made by combining different ingredients." Only through mutual respect and inclusiveness in diversity can th...


  • Views on Civilization: Season 2 Episode 5

    “There is no nobler thought than to care for the common people, no more generous act than to make them happy.” It is clear that people-centred thinking is not only the essence of Chinese thought, but also the common moral foundation and value of all mankind, and is a trend for the future developme...


  • Views on Civilization: Season 2 Episode 4

    From the Peace of Westphalia more than 360 years ago to the international humanitarian spirit established by the Geneva Conventions more than 150 years ago, these principles have been fundamental to building a community of shared future for mankind and have been passed on from generation to generati...


  • Views on Civilization: Season 2 Episode 3

    “A wise man changes as time and event change.” This is a pragmatic attitude, a courage to break the ice, and a wisdom to innovate and develop. Life never favours those who are conservative and satisfied with the status quo, never waits for those who are uninspired and indulge in their success, but...


  • Views on Civilization: Season 2 Episode 2

    For thousands of years, people who have a deep understanding of the great cause have always put the great cause of the nation first. Because they have a mind for the world and respect the importance of life, they choose without regret and sacrifice themselves for the country....