Commencement of 2023 Beijing International Brand Week

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“Co-creating a new integrated model, co-winning a new future for brands”-- Commencement of 2023 Beijing International Brand Week  


The 2023 Beijing International Brand Week commenced successfully on September 27th. The opening ceremony, jointly organized by the China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA), the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), and the Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee, was hosted at the Media Center Hotel. The event was coordinated by the Center for International Cultural Communication of China International Communications Group (CICC), the Strategic Communication Commission of CIPRA, the Brand Innovation Committee of CCOIC, the Capital Female Journalists Association, Beijing Shuangjing Public Relations Service Co., Ltd, and the Boya Brand Research Institute at Communication University of China. This year's theme, "Integration and Win-Win", brought together distinguished guests who engaged in profound discussions and exchanges on topics such as the role of brands in shaping the new development pattern and how Chinese brands can excel in international communication. Their valuable insights contributed to the high-quality development of Chinese brands.


The opening ceremony of 2023 Beijing International Brand Week (photo by iBW)

During the opening ceremony, several esteemed guests delivered speeches, including:

- Wu Hongbo, Honorary President of the China International Public Relations Association, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on European Affairs, and former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

- Yu Jianlong, Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Vice President of the China Chamber of International Commerce.

- Yu Junsheng, Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, and Director of Beijing Radio and Television Station.

- Wu Wenxue, former Deputy Director of the National Tourism Administration.

- Li Xiaolei, Vice Chairman of the China Cultural Administration Association.

- Luo Xiaojun, Deputy Director of Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee, and Deputy General Manager of Gehua Media Group.

- Liu Ruiqi, Honorary Dean of Boya Brand Research Institute, Communication University of China.

Liu Xiaoning, Executive Director of the China International Public Relations Association, and Initiator of Beijing International Brand Week introduced the opening ceremony of the event.

Liu Pingjun, Chairman of the China Council for Brand Development, and Yan Wenbin, former Deputy Director of Xinhua News Agency, delivered keynote speeches.


Within the event, a strategic cooperation agreement was established between CICC and the Beijing International Brand Week. By leveraging their respective strengths and fostering collaboration, both entities aim to provide extensive support to Chinese brands in achieving high-quality development and gaining prominence on the international stage. Together, they usher in a new era of brand construction and communication.


The strategic cooperation agreement between CICC and the Beijing International Brand Week (photo by iBW)

As part of the event, CICC organized the International Brand Communication Roundtable Forum, hosted by CICC Chief Zhang Jinting. The forum focused on brand international communication in the digital age and featured esteemed scholars, media professionals and business representatives. Among the participants were Lei Weizhen, Vice President of the Institute of Public Diplomacy at Renmin University of China; Xu Qinduo, host of the CGTN "Dialogue" program; Chen Ruiyuan, CEO of China-Australia Chamber of Commerce; Yang Zhe, Vice President of Growth Hill+Knowlton Strategies China; and Zhong Jiawei, Vice President of Edelman China. They explored how Chinese brands can adapt to the evolving media landscape, innovate their international communication strategies, and leverage artificial intelligence and big data to unlock their brands’ innovation potential.


The International Brand Communication Roundtable Forum (photo by iBW)

Since its establishment in 2022, the Beijing International Brand Week has attracted the participation of over ten organizations and associations, as well as nearly a hundred companies. It continues to serve as a crucial platform for fostering brand cooperation, leading brand innovation, and expanding communication channels. The event aims to enhance consensus, build confidence, and facilitate the development of Chinese brands while promoting exchange between Chinese and foreign brands.