Qibao Aming Mutton Restaurant

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Qibao Old Street is one of the most famous snack streets in Shanghai.

The street is located in Qibao Ancient Town that dates back to the Northern Song Dynasty (960_1127). The town features exquisite stone bridges, zigzagging rivers and traditional residences with black tiles and white walls.

Snack street is not only popular among tourists and even attracts locals during off-peak times. One can enter the street via the archway at the main entrance. The street is less than 1,000 meters long, flanked by a dozen alleys lined with antique stores and snack restaurants. Qibao Aming Mutton Restaurant is known near and far. Every piece of mutton is freshly cut, clean and tender. Cooked mutton is neither fat nor lean and tastes particularly nice when dressed with spiced vinegar.