• Mount Eternal South

    Mount Eternal Southby Wang Weitranslated by Xu YuanchongThe highest peak scrapes the sky blue; it extends from hills to the sea.When I look back, clouds shut the view; when I come near, no mist I see.Peaks vary in north and south side; vales differ in sunshine or shade.Seeking a lodge where to abide...


  • Early Spring in Laurel Palace

    Early Spring in Laurel Palaceby Shangguan Yitranslated by Xu YuanchongThe royal cab leaves palace hallFor poolside garden'mid sweet songs.The trees are loud with orioles' call;On vernal shore grass grow in throngs.The breeze can write with morning dew;Neath blue sky flowers bloom like snow.B...


  • The Blue Stream

    The Blue Streamby Wang Weitranslated by Xu YuanchongI follow the Blue Rill, to the Stream of Yellow Blooms.It winds from hill to hill, till far away it looms.It roars amid pebbles white, and calms down under pines green.Weeds float on ripples light, reeds mirrored like a screen.Mind's carefree,...


  • On the Height

    On the Heightby Du Futranslated by Xu YuanchongThe wind so swift, the sky so wide, ape wail and cry;Water so clear and beach so white, birds wheel and fly;The boundless forest shed its leaves shower by shower;The endless river rolls its waves hour after hour.A thousand miles from home, I'm griev...


  • Farewell to Prefect Du

    Farewell to Prefect Duby Wang Botranslated by Xu YuanchongYou'll leave the town walled far and wideFor mist-veiled land by riverside.I feel on parting sad and drearFor both of us are strangers here.If have friends who know your heart,Distance can not keep you apart.At crossroads where we bid adi...


  • On Qiantang Lake in Spring

    On Qiantang Lake in Springby Bai Juyitranslated by Xu YuanchongWest of Jia Pavilion and north of Lonely Hill,Water brims level with the bank and clouds hang low.Disputing for sunny trees, early orioles trill;Pecking vernal mud in, Young swallows come and go.A riot of blooms begins to dazzle the eye;...


  • Village children find their voices through verse

    Scenes fromDu Fu, featuring actor-director Feng Yuanzheng in the leading role.[Photo provided to China Daily]Du Fu, a play that tells the life story of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet of the same name, opened at Beijing's Capital Theater on Oct 17.Written by Guo Qihong, directed by F...


  • Ancient poems capture the soul of Mid-Autumn Festival

    This work by 19th-century painters Fei Yigeng and Zhang Xiong depicts Chang'e cuddling the jade rabbit amid flower-laden plum branches bathed in moonlight. CHINA DAILYThe moon shines brightly on ageless classicsIn 1076, Chinese poet and essayist Su Shi found himself in self-imposed exile hundred...