Water-boiled Beef Tickling Your Taste Buds

【Food】Time:2023-02-21      Source:SICC      Views:294

China is the place for food, and Sichuan is the place for flavor. From Sichuanese point of view, the greatest thing of Sichuanese cuisine is the mastery of mixing all the flavors.

The delicacy we recommend today is Water-boiled Beef. The joke is that it sounds very mild and innocuous, but it is quite numbing and spicy!


It is a very typical Sichuan cuisine, originated from Zigong City that famous for salt industry. People there installed the windlass on the salt well, and powered by cattle, extracted brine. From time to time, some working cattle would be weeded out and thus become important ingredients.


Numb and hot, the basic sauce is Sichuan chili bean paste, spicy chilies and tingly Sichuan pepper. It will make your lips tingle and sick! Company ingredients are brisk and crunchy Chinese cabbage and celery. The base for the dish makes it refreshing to contrast the rich sauce of the silky beef.


The last step to finish an authentic dish is heating up the oil to make the prepared spices sizzle over the top, bringing out the aroma into the oil. If it is made of pork, it is called Water-Boiled pork.