2024 Heze Peony International Communication Forum Successfully Held

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National Beauty Nourished by the Yellow River, Heavenly Fragrance Shared by the World

The fusion of the Yellow River with peony flowers has left behind countless splendid cultural legacies. To promote the international communication of Yellow River culture and peony culture, and to contribute to the exchange and mutual learning among diverse civilizations, 2024 Heze Peony International Communication Forum was held in Heze on April 12th, organized by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Heze Municipal Committee and CICG Center for International Cultural Communication under the theme "National Beauty Nourished by the Yellow River, Heavenly Fragrance Shared by the World". 




The forum brought together representatives from diplomatic missions of countries such as Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Thailand, Malaysia, officials from provinces, cities along the Yellow River, and the Guangzhou Municipal Publicity Department, officials from publicity departments of various cities in Shandong Province, internationally renowned cultural officials, foreign sinologists engaged in Chinese cultural research, experts and scholars from think tanks of universities such as Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Communication University of China, and University of International Relations, as well as representatives from overseas Chinese organizations in New Zealand, Brazil and other countries.


"With its historical, cultural, artistic, and horticultural connotations,...the peony...offers nothing to the world but peace and harmony," stated David Ferguson, Honorary Chief English Editor of Foreign Languages Press, CICG Recipient of Chinese Government Friendship Award in his keynote speech. He expressed that 2024 Heze Peony International Communication Forum allows the world to better understand China through exchanges in peony culture. 


James Trapp, translator of Chinese classical literature and former manager of Chinese education at the British Museum, expressed his deep fascination with the continuity of Chinese culture and civilization. Peony culture has held a significant position in Chinese literature, artistic works and documents since the Eastern Han Dynasty to the present day. Similarly enduring is the Yellow River culture, one of the most powerful symbols of Chinese civilization, which also signifies the need for contemporary people to engage in more friendly and in-depth two-way international exchanges.


Poornima Gunasekera, Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission from Embassy of Sri Lanka in China, and Mr. Sittikorn Chantadansuwan, Minister-Counsellor from Royal Thai Embassy in China delivered speeches consecutively, congratulating the forum's organization. They expressed hopes that Heze peonies would actively undertake the role of "envoys" in Sino-foreign exchanges, playing a greater role in deepening Sino-foreign relations. 


Nie Yuanke, Deputy Secretary of the Heze Municipal Party Committee, expressed in his speech that peony culture is an important part of China's excellent traditional culture, and Yellow River culture is the root and soul of the Chinese nation. Heze today, like peonies in full bloom and the Yellow River flowing, strides solidly on the track of high-quality development.


Before the forum, friends from all over the world, from various walks of life, expressed their infinite admiration for peonies and their heartfelt wishes for the Chinese people by writing postcards. In order to solidify this profound friendship into an everlasting memory, the forum organizing committee meticulously prepared commemorative envelopes, peony stamps and other souvenirs. Participants jointly stamped the peony seal on the commemorative envelope of 2024 Heze Peony International Communication Forum. 


At the forum, excerpts from the peony documentary National Grace were screened. Additionally, there was an on-site promotion event for Juye fine brushwork peony paintings, the launching ceremony of the overseas peony garden construction project in Bulgaria, and the unveiling ceremony of overseas peony cultural communication station in Malacca City.



Heze peonies, as a beautiful calling card, have been exported overseas since the 1950s and 1960s. Today, Heze peonies account for over 70% of the world's peony seedling trade. In recent years, leveraging its peony resources, Heze has deeply explored the value concept of "sharing beauty" and actively built more friendly cultural symbols for external communication. The successful hosting of 2024 Heze Peony International Communication Forum not only showcased the unique charm of Yellow River culture and peony culture but also made positive contributions to promoting exchange and mutual learning among diverse civilizations and enhancing international cultural cooperation.