Culture Beat: Contemporary art exhibition kicks off at Guyi Garden

【Calligraphy & Painting】Time:2024-07-02      Source:Global Times      Views:24
Artworks at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Guyi Garden

Artworks at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Guyi Garden

The He Shu - Contemporary Art Exhibition, themed around "rivers and books," kicked off recently in Shanghai. The exhibition, set in the historically rich and picturesque Guyi Garden, combines art displays with cultural relics, deeply exploring how contemporary art can be integrated into traditional garden public spaces.   
The exhibition specially invites well-known contemporary artists, glass artists, calligraphers and painters to jointly innovate on the exhibition format. The artworks on display cover a variety of mediums such as glass, dust, optical projection and ink. Artists skillfully use garden space to express their emotions through scenery and engage in cross-border dialogue with historical, classical gardens.
This exhibition not only breaks traditional exhibition models, but also aims to become a "living implant" at the Guyi Garden. It integrates traditional and contemporary art to promote the dynamic development of intangible cultural heritage.