The story of Nvwa patching the sky

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In ancient history, a time of myths and legends, there is a goddess named Nuwa. Nuwa is a kind goddess who has done many good things for mankind. For example, she once taught marriage to people, and also made a musical instrument called sheng spring for mankind. And what moved people most was the story of Nuwa patching the sky.

Legend has it that when humans reproduced, the God of Water and Zhu Rong, the god of fire, suddenly fought a war. They fought from the sky to the ground, making trouble everywhere. As a result, Zhu Rong won, but the defeated Gong Gong was dissatisfied and angry. , Slammed his head against Buzhou Mountain. Buzhou Mountain collapsed, the big pillar supporting the heaven and the earth broke, the sky fell halfway, a big hole appeared, the ground also sank into big cracks, the mountains and forests burned big fires, and floods spewed out from under the ground. Dragons, snakes and beasts also came out to devour the people. Humanity is facing an unprecedented catastrophe.


Nuwa felt incomparably pained after witnessing such a miraculous disaster, so she determined to mend the sky and put an end to this disaster. She chose a variety of five-color stones, set up a fire to melt them into a slurry, filled the incomplete holes in the sky with this mortar, and then cut off the four legs of a big tortoise and used it as four pillars to collapse. Half of the sky is supported. Nuwa also captured and killed the black dragon that was crippling the people, stopping the arrogance of the dragon and snake. Finally, in order to stop the flood from flowing, Nuwa also collected a large amount of reeds, burned them to ashes, and bury them in the torrent that spread everywhere.

After Nuwa’s hard work and rectification, the sky finally made up, the ground was leveled, the water stopped, the dragons, snakes and beasts were gone, and the people were living a happy life again. But this catastrophe left traces after all. Since then, the sky is still tilted to the northwest, so the sun, the moon and the stars all naturally return to the west, and because the earth tilts to the southeast, all rivers converge there.