Beijing school launches tech-driven space

【Beijing】Time:2024-01-30      Source:China Daily      Views:1072

The BCIS community gathers in the newly opened robotics learning hub on Friday. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Beijing City International School launched The APEX on Friday, which functions as both a tech-driven space and an intelligent robotics learning hub.

The aim of this newly established space is to lead innovation, adopt cutting-edge technology, and ensure the school remains at the forefront of tech education.

The school has invited robotics education project developers to share their insights with the students on their journeys from makers to entrepreneurs. Students are encouraged to participate in real project development and apply their knowledge to practical scenarios.

During the launching ceremony, the entire school community had hands-on experiences with the latest generation VEX Workcell CTE simulated industrial robot arm and the world's first desktop-level Raspberry Pi robot dog with a mechanical arm. They explored the interactive features and future potential of intelligent robots.

Xiao Jun, an award-winning innovator in warehousing robotics and the founder of Tiangong Robotics, along with BCIS' teacher representative Mariann Beagrie, and student representatives Hu Jiarong and Cynthia, shared unique insights on future trends in education, AI application in teaching, and topics like autonomous driving.

Additionally, the event featured a showcase of intelligent robot learning scenarios, demonstrating how robots integrate into the learning process.

The BCIS community gathers in the newly opened robotics learning hub on Friday. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"I have a strong passion for designing and building robots. As a high school sophomore with aspirations to enter the field of engineering in the future, I have often immersed myself in the school's design technology lab, exploring combat robotics as a hobby," said Hu.

"With the establishment of The APEX, we now have access to more systematic robot education and a dedicated space to integrate more programming elements into my projects."

Tom Egerton, principal of BCIS, said: "The APEX fits with our strategic direction of a personalized approach to education, developing collaboration and leadership skills. It challenges, inspires and empowers our students to dream big, aim high and reach their pinnacle. We hope in time 'Meet you at the APEX' becomes a common phrase at BCIS for parents, students and teachers to gather to learn."

The school places a strong emphasis on personalized learning as a fundamental strategy, seeking to spark students' distinctive strengths and exploratory enthusiasm through personalized education tailored to their strengths and passions. To realize this goal, the institution offers a diverse array of courses and resources, effectively harnessing students' innate strengths and enthusiasm for exploration.