The Pursuit of Dream S1 E2: Chic grandpa: To Live Is to Try

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What will you be like in your 80s? Will you be surrounded by your children and grandchildren and rest bathing the sunshine? Or, you will try to keep a young heart and do more things you haven’t done even at your young age? In China, there’s a chic grandpa, Wang Deshun. Since 1960, Wang has been a drama actor. In 1985, he started to study and perform body mime, while he was nearly 50 years old. He brought Chinese mime into the world stage and took part in the 12th International Mime Festival in Germany. Now, even though he is already 80, he never stops exploring every possibility. Flying, diving, acting; being a model, artist, bodybuilder……In his words, if you dare to try everything, you’ll never become old. Come have a look!