The Pursuit of Dream S1E1: the Winter Olympics Torch “Flying”

【Experts】Time:2022-11-29      Source:本站      Views:8225

The 2022 Olympic Winter Games had just dropped the curtain. We know you haven’t enjoyed it to the full, so we prepared more information for you. Today we want to lead you on a journey of manufacturing the 2022 Olympic Winter Game’s torch. Rao Jie is the leader of the torch design team. He shares their assiduous work, innovative ideas, and the final product. Through his narrative, we could feel how difficult the creating procedure is and how delightful it is to contribute ones’ strength to the shared dream. The torch-design team hit a bottleneck in the creating procedure. But the accumulated effort doesn’t betray them. Do you want to know what enlightens them? Why not click the video to find the answer?