Hey the World: Dream at Four in the Morning

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On February 5, 2022, China won the gold medal in the 2000m mixed team relay at Beijing Winter Olympics. It was a moment full of excitement and happiness. Wu Dajing, the winner and captain of the Chinese short-track speed skating team was invited to give his thoughts and understanding of the concept – sportsmanship. Wu has had a long story with the sport, skating. Since a little kid, he had to go back and forth between school and the ice rink, or more precisely, a frozen flat field. It is when he had the dream of entering the provincial team that the sportsmanship he believed in getting started. After years of training, he has built an athletic career with no regrets as he is the National Champion, World Cup Winner, World Champion and Olympic Champion. But Wu said this was not the end of his journey, it was just another new beginning. While we are looking forward to his future performance, let’s also review his Olympic journey and thoughts on sportsmanship through this video!

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