Hey the World: the Sweet Home of the Beavers

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Have you ever wondered, when human first learned to build dams, did they ever receive any inspiration from the little animal—beaver? Chu Wenwen, the founder of Altay Nature Conservation Association, has been constantly thinking about this question. Because of her deep fondness of and close relationship with beavers, Chu is nicknamed “the Beaver Princess”. It was at the age of four or five that she had the first date with beaver during a biological field trip with her father. Everything was so perfect and wonderful at that time. But later on, Chu began to realize how serious an influence that human activities have had on the habitats of various animals species as she once failed to save a dying beaver during an outdoor expedition. Since then, she’s been working on ecological conservation. In order to protect the lovely animal and its surrounding environment, Chu established the nature conservation and has launched a series of conservation programs with the help of the local government, numerous volunteers and her old school. To know more details about her stories and the programs, watch the following video with us!