Hey the World: Food Security, Foundation in the Country

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Xu Xudong, the secretary general of Taihe County Farmer Association, Anhui Province, grew up in a family that has a deep bond with agriculture. Together with his father and grandfather, the three generations of Xu family have all been working on the issues related food security. Whenever talking about food security, people would immediately think of one person—our beloved Grandpa Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice. After years of laborious traveling between fields and fields, Grandpa Yuan developed hybrid rice, not only helping Chinese people have enough to eat but also benefiting people around the world. Through decades of hard work and innovation, agriculture has been transformed to a mechanized, intelligent and digitalized one. The energy efficiency of the planting has also kept rising with the help of high-tech devices. However, food security is still a big issue we have to address today as there are many countries and regions suffering from food shortages and hunger. To know more about the urgency of food security and the stories of Xu and his family, watch the following video!