Hey the World: Innovation in Traditional Culture

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On January 22, 2012, a performance on the stage of Spring Festival Gala went viral across China and even aroused attention overseas. It was the song called the “New Drunken Beauty” by Li Yugang. Li is a singer and stage opera performer. He is now also known for being a disseminator of traditional Chinese culture. Born in a small town in northeast China, Li was no less naughtier than his peers when he was a kid and wanted to be a martial artist one day. But something set him apart from other—his unique sweet voice. 

At the age of 18, Li headed toward Xi’an of Shaanxi Province to sing and learn Peking Opera. After years of practice, he finally achieved his childhood dream, performing on the Gala. But the dream did not end here. He got higher demands on himself and decided to be a theatre actor and director. In his pursuit of art, Li realizes the importance of universal love and the mutual appreciation between different cultures. To know more about the path of this amazing figure, check out the following video!