Hey the World: 5G, China's Gift to the World

【Hey The World】Time:2023-01-01      Source:本站      Views:258

Hu Nan is the vice chairman of 3GPP RAN and 5G expert working in mobile communication sector. From the “Big Brother” in the 1G era to the 5G era that everything is connected with each other, Hu Nan gave a thorough presentation on the development of Chinese communication industry, stressing several important rounds of technological revolution occurred in history.

In the era of 5G, mobile communication technology and the Internet world integrate with each other completely and influence everything in our life. This fast, convenient and effective way of communication not only boosts the productivity of the whole society, but also marks China as a powerful communicator who share its achievements with the whole world. Like Hu Nan, countless Chinese communication technology workers will continue to devote all their effort to promote common development for mankind.