A treat for the eyes is on the menu

【Food】Time:2023-10-30      Source:China Daily      Views:402

In the middle of summer, intense warmth and vibrant energy come along. With great passion and craftsmanship, Qu Lang Yuan restaurant in Beijing provides a cool shelter for thirsty palate with a brand new summer menu.

Chef Li Zhanxu's inspiration is based on the flourishing of all things, the essence of which is drawn from the "height of summer".

Sea cucumber, barnacle, gillardeau oyster, wakame, seaweed. [Photo provided to China Daily]

One highlight on the menu is sea cucumber with barnacle, Gillardeau oyster, wakame, and seaweed. The whole sea cucumber is vacuum-marinated and filled with barnacle Gillardeau oyster sauce. Rich and full of flavor, it is further complemented by seaweed and sago crisps for layered texture and a balanced palate.

Abalone confit, truffle chicken stock, sichuan pepper, abalone pepper. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The abalone confit with truffle chicken stock, Sichuan pepper and abalone pepper is another must-try. The one-head abalone confit is charcoal-grilled for a smoky finish, and is served with a fresh truffle chicken stock and a peppery abalone liver paste for an intense and hearty dip.

The dessert of Oolong creme brulee with red beetroot and red amaranth is a fresh end to the meal.

Li makes red-colored vegetables into smoothies and places them on top of freshly baked oolong creme brulee for a sweet and delightful dish.

Chef Li Zhanxu. [Photo provided to China Daily]