Sichuan cuisine DIY enters Berlin, Germany

【Food】Time:2023-02-06      Source:SICC      Views:284

On November 4th, Berlin Chinese Cultural Center restarted the cooking teaching activity offline that German friends have been waiting for a long time. The theme of the activity for this year is “Delicious Sichuan Cuisine - Sharing the Culture of Sichuan Cuisine”. The cooking teacher Long Wei introduced “Fish-flavored Shredded Pork” “Mapo Tofu” and “Sichuan Chili Oil Wonton” three classic Sichuan cuisines to the German students.



Long Wei is a cooking teacher with many years of overseas teaching experience. In the class, teacher Long first introduced the long history of Sichuan cuisine, and its characteristics “each dish has its own style, a hundred dishes have a hundred different flavors”. Take “Fish-flavored Shredded Pork” and “Mapo Tofu” as examples, teacher Long introduced unique “fishy” and “spicy” flavors of Sichuan cuisine, as well as the characteristics and cooking methods of Sichuan seasonings.

For these two dishes, teacher Long explained and demonstrated the selection of ingredients, the shaping of knives and the ratio of seasonings, and invited the students to taste the freshly cooked dishes. The German students carefully recorded the ingredients, types and amounts of seasonings and the cooking steps. They didn’t forget to take pictures and ask questions in the key process in case not to miss the detail.

Every cooking class would arrange for students to make food by themselves. During this time, students learned how to make Wontons. With teacher Long’s help, everyone successfully completed the task. When the thin, lubricated, tender and delicious “Wontons” were cooked ready, students couldn’t wait to taste the food made by themselves and expressed their gratitude to the cooking teacher.



Ms Drewes, a big fan of Chinese cooking class, joined in this Sichuan cuisine cooking class with excitement. This is the ten-time she participated in it. Ms Drewes loves Chinese food and has a strong interest in Chinese food culture. She said that she learned authentic Chinese cooking practices and tips from the class. She made the Chinese dishes that learned from the class for her family and friends at home and even conquered the stomachs of her Chinese friends.


After the “Delicious Sichuan Cuisine - Sharing the Culture of Sichuan Cuisine” cooking class, the students were still full of interest, and Ms Drewes was looking forward to attending the next class.