Fu Hao Owl-shaped Vessel (Zun):The Treatment of an Owl

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At first glance, it might appear to be a squatting dog, but it is not.

A little cute owl is standing there waiting for your click.


Bronze zun, round, square or in the shape of a transfigured bird or animal, such as the sheep, ox, owl, elephant and pig, first appeared in Shang Dynasty. Two owl-shaped zuns were unearthed from Fu Hao tomb.



The picture one’s name is fuhao owl-shaped zun. The owl is standing with its two legs and tail forming the three legs of a tripod. It is about 45.9cm high and weighs 16.7kg.


The mouth of the vessel is at the back of the owl’s head, and a bird, looking vigorous and grotesque and covered with beautiful designs, stands on the lid. These two zuns are considered gems of Shang bronze.

There is a legend about this zun. Fuhan, according to written records, is a female general well-versed in both polite letters and martial arts. This zun is a representative of fuhao’s legendary life.