Sanxingdui Bronze Figure Statues: the Glory of Humanity

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When our eyes meet with those of the statues, it is destined to be an encounter across space and time. Their unique features distinguish them from ordinary people as they have got an invariably solemn expression with prominent eyes, thin lips and holed earlobes.


Could you imagine three thousand years ago, workmanship could be so meticulous? This photo-showed bronze human head was made in Shang Dynasty (BC 1600-1046) and unearthed in 1986 at Sanxingdui, Guanghan County, Sichuan province in Southern China.


Bronze human head is a representative relic found in Sanxingdui. The relic has a flat crown, on which is cast a snap fastener to hold a hat in place. The face is square, rough and expressionless, with two wide-open eyes, a broad high- bridged nose and a mouth tightly shut. There is a hole in the lower part of each ear so the bronze head could wear earrings.


Bronze human head could be roughly divided into two kinds—flat head and round head. The flat head braids their hair, while the round head wears hairpins. The photos we provide show the flat head one. Cast on the back of the head is a long plait, with hair clearly visible. Its neck is hollow, into which a handle can be inserted.

The bronze human head are not only symbols of gods, but also kings or sorcerers. This statue is evidently the image of a Shu sorcerer. Now archaeologists guess the ancient people are respectful for these bronze human heads and look at them as belief.