Green Jade Pendant with Cloud-and-Animal Design

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In the picture, this sparking and crystal-clear semi-annual green jade is called Yupei in Chinese. Made in the Warring States period and later unearthed from Tomb No.1 Guwei Village, Hui County, Henan Province in 1951, it is about 20.5 cm in length by 4.8 cm in width.

In the Warring States period (14th century BC~11th century BC), with norms of etiquette collapsed and ideology changed, the technique of making jade articles also improved. The scope of application expands: daily-used jade articles increased while the sacrificial vessel decreased.

This pendant is composed of seven pieces of jade openwork, joined by copper plates into a semi-annular ornament. Above the middle piece is an image of a crouching horse and below it a small ring.

The object is decorated with images of a dragon and a variant cloud pattern. The exposed parts of the copper are shaped like ogre masks plated with gold. Although primarily for decorative purposes, jade pendants were also used as ritual objects in court ceremonies and during sacrifices and funerals.

A pendant as elaborate as this one, however, is rare.

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