Trendy elements revitalize Guiyang's old street

【Guiyang】Time:2024-03-18      Views:82


Tourists enjoy the installations on Taiping Road. [Photo/ddcpc website]

The flowing waters of the Guancheng River and the bustling shops along the riverbanks create a new scenic area on Taiping Road in Guiyang, Guizhou province.

With the addition of "internet-famous elements", the once dilapidated urban area has been rejuvenated, injecting new vitality into the street while preserving its historical and cultural charm.

During the Spring Festival holiday, crowds flocked to Taiping Road, with many residents eager to check in and make purchases. The integration of historical culture with "internet-famous elements" has transformed Guiyang's Taiping Road into a bustling street in the city.

In 2023, to promote high-quality urban development, Guiyang proposed focusing on the renovation and upgrading of the Guancheng River, the city wall trail project in the old urban area, and the Jiaxiu Pavilion and Wenchang Pavilion areas. The Taiping Road urban renewal project has emerged as the renovation project requires. Through methods such as uncovering the riverbed, renovating old residential areas, and upgrading commercial quality, the road and its surrounding areas were linked to create a trendy area.

Today, Taiping Road boasts creative architecture, unique cuisine, and art exhibitions, offering a wide range of attractions.

Since its reopening at the end of January, Taiping Road has also introduced nearly 30 new brands, including 15 first-time brands and 12 local brands.

On Feb 12, the total daytime consumption and foot traffic in the Taiping Road area reached 102,000 yuan and 44,000 visitors, respectively.