Guizhou Plum Blossom Garden opens to public for flower season

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As plum flowers start to bloom, Guizhou Plum Blossom Garden opens to the public. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

Guizhou Plum Blossom Garden, located in Puma village, Gaofeng town, Gui'an New Area, officially opened to the public on Jan 20. About 5,000 tourists visited the garden on the same day.

Guizhou Plum Blossom Garden has a land area of over 2,100 mu (140 hectares), consisting of land collected from the collective and villagers of Puma village, of which more than 1,200 mu are open for tourists to explore.

The garden grows over 270 plum blossom varieties across 50,000 trees. Currently, the early and mid-season plum blossom varieties have started to bloom, and the flowering period is expected to last until mid-March.

In addition to admiring the flowers, visitors can also participate in various traditional cultural activities in the garden, such as tea ceremonies by the fireplace, dressing in hanfu, pitch-pot games, calligraphy workshops, and painting activities.

Guizhou Plum Blossom Garden is currently the only place in Guiyang where visitors can go to appreciate weeping plum blossom trees, which have cascading branches and exude an elegant charm.

The garden currently offers fresh-cut plum blossom branches, pressed plum flowers, and potted plum blossoms for visitors to purchase. In the future, the garden plans to launch plum blossom wine, plum blossom pastries, and other plum blossom related products.

Visitors who drive to the garden will find a free parking area on Beidouhu Road. Currently, there are more than 3,000 free parking spaces provided.

Next, Guizhou Plum Blossom Garden plans to develop itself into a year-round tourist destination. In addition to winter and spring plum blossom viewing, there will be opportunities to appreciate hydrangeas and crepe myrtles in summer, and enjoy red maple trees and ginkgo trees in autumn.

The garden will also organize activities such as jungle off-roading, jungle cable cars, mountain bike challenges, and camping events, as well as build a park with unpowered recreational facilities.