Mount Tai

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Have you ever stood on the peak of a mountain and looked down, as if the whole world was in your eyes? If you are a keen mountain climber, you must not miss Mount Tai in Shandong Province, China. 

Crowned as the foremost of the Five Great Mountains in China, Mount Tai was also listed as a Mixed Property in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a mountain of historical and cultural significance, Mount Tai has presented its dramatic landscape to the world and influenced generations of Chinese people with its sacred importance. The emperors of the past dynasties went to Mount Tai to worship the heavens and tell the earth. Literati climbed up this mountain to seek for refreshing spiritual journeys, leaving behind a dazzling array of stone inscriptions, poetries and other carvings. Today, this grand mountain still welcomes tourists from all over the world with its spectacular views and priceless cultural relics. When you reach to the top, take a glance at the rocks around you and look beyond the horizon. You must be awed by those amazing rock carvings as well as the breathtaking scenery below!