"Concert of Huangmei Opera Classics by Wu Qiong and her friends

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Starring Introduction:


Wu Qiong, Famous Huangmei Opera Artist, National First-level Actress

She is an award-winning performer on today's opera stage, recognised as the heir to the famous Huangmei Opera performer Yan Fengying, and a pioneer in the grafting of Huangmei Opera with modern music. With her own musical talent and artistic practice, she has not only broadened the sound range of Huangmei Opera, but also developed its vocal art, and blended the essence of traditional art with the fresh elements of modern art to form her own unique artistic style. Her works are diversified with the vitality of the times, and have been widely noticed and loved. She was awarded the 22nd Magnolia Drama Performing Arts Award.

Representative works: "Hong Luo Pa" ,"Marriage of the Fairy Princess", "Emperor's Female Son-in-Law", "Meng Jiangnv", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Sister Jiang", "Yan Fengying", "The Noblewoman Returns Home", "Drunkenness of Taibai", "Guxi Ballad". Publications: "I Write My Heart".


Sun Xuelian, National First-level Actress


Jiang Qing, National First-level Actor


Yin Cunbin, National First-level Actor

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On the opening night of "Concert of Huangmei Opera Classics" by Wu Qiong and her friends, the famous Huangmei Opera artist Wu Qiong and a number of outstanding Huangmei Opera performers gathered to dedicate a number of classic, outstanding Huangmei Opera repertoire excerpts to the audience, making it a worthwhile trip for the audience.

The whole concert, with its richness of singing and variety of genres, was a feast for the eyes and ears. There were excellent traditional plays such as "Marriage of the Fairy Princess", "Emperor's Female Son-in-Law", "Luo Pa Ji" and "The Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden"; newly-written Huangmei Opera "Sister Jiang"; fragments of the Four Seasons Opera Theater's original Huangmei Opera "Guxi Ballad" and "Drunkenness of Taibai", as well as classic short plays such as "Cutting the Pigweed" and "Couple's Lanterns", and even more melodious and pleasing Huangmei songs such as "The Winds of the Mountains", "The Pairing of Flowers", and "Waiting for You to Unveil", and so on.

Wu Qiong, dressed in full costume, made a glittering appearance, exuding the elegant temperament of an artist in every gesture, and revealing a strong flavour of Chinese Opera in her singing performance. With the transition of pieces, she transformed into different roles, acting and singing, seamlessly switching between roles in a smooth flow. At times, she was the sentimental and beautiful Weaving Maiden; at times, she was the strong inheritor of the folk songs; at times, she was the emperor's female son-in-law; at times she was the revolutionary martyr Sister Jiang; and at times she was the magnificent and uninhibited poet Li Bai. She sang the Huangmei songs in the performance with her sweet voice to present a strong flavour of Chinese Opera, which is very appealing to the ears.

In addition to Wu Qiong's wonderful performance, her friends also sang on stage in turn. Throughout the concert, all the singers sang and acted wonderfully, allowing the audience to enjoy themselves. The atmosphere was warm and the applause was constant.

Excerpts from some of the audience reactions are as follows:

Chinese Opera fan Ms Li: "The performance was wonderful and Four Seasons Opera Theater is extraordinary. Ms Wu's grand stanzas and swinging vocals were a treat for our eyes and ears."

Chinese Opera fan Huaxinweiyu: "There were both historical heritage and innovation in this one-hour concert, and this is where Wu Qiong's charm lies. With artists like Wu Qiong and Jiang Qing, who carry on the past and start the future, picking up the responsibility of the times, the ancient theatre of Huangmei Opera has been revitalised and won the hearts of a large number of Chinese Opera fans."

Maanshan Poly Theatre posted an article, "This performance blends the essence of traditional art with the freshness of modern art, giving traditional culture a new charm in the new era. The familiar and simple singing lyrics, fresh and cheerful melodies, and the professional and wonderful performances by Ms Wu Qiong and a host of other artists won warm applause and cheers from the audience."