Hey the World: An Orchid in Tibet

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Li Mengkai, a graduate student from the Tibet Agricultural and Animal Husbandry University, is a plant lover. He has a wonderful and deep relationship with orchids. It was in his freshman year that he discovered two unknown flowering plants in a collection in wild. And this discovery made him the first person in China to name and register the species as one was called Linzhi Quchunlan (P. panchaseensis Subedi) and the other called Nepal Dabaolan (Bulbophyllum raskotii). Later, through investigation, Li has discovered another four new species and has compiled most comprehensive list of Tibetan orchids. While he is still working hard at his major, he has been constantly  feeling the need to call on more people to pay attention to the conservation of biodiversity. “Every plant and every tree is the essence of nature.” To know more about this young discoverer and his stories, watch the following video!