Hey the World: Painting the Brightest Base Color of Youth

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Li Siyuan is a volunteer teacher from Yunnan University. She shared with the audience how she understands Dulongjiang, her hometown and China. When she was is in university, she joined a research program and followed the team to poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan, where she saw youngsters who rooted themselves in remote regions to vitalize rural education. After graduation, she participated in the poverty alleviation initiative of Chinese young volunteers as a member of the postgraduate volunteer teacher group. The place she went is the Dulongjiang village, which is the poorest region with the least education resources in Yunnan province or even the whole country. Li and her teammates overcame all difficulties and devoted them themselves in teaching and helping the children there. They believe that volunteer teaching is not only about imparting book knowledge but also shaping students’ personality, morality and taste, so that they can fully help them to develop better vision and establish greater dreams.